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English for Environmentalists

in cooperation with the International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm (INA)

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Nr. 18-H-06

The English Language is the global means for communication in the field of Nature Conservation. Especially within Europe, English proficiency is a mandatory asset for professional exchanges within the conservation community or official correspondence with EU institutions. Yet, the corresponding terms are neither taught in schools nor universities.

This course will provide people with an opportunity to develop their vocabulary in relation to key points of interest in the fields of nature conservation, landscape management, environmental education, interpretation and tourism through both language training in the field and indoor language workshops Participants will use various techniques to develop their language skills in a different subject area each day. The general format of each day will include vocabulary and grammar workshops, activities, group discussion and feedback.

The tutor is a native speaker; the course will be conducted in English. A sound basic knowledge in English is therefore recommended.

Course Directors:
Susanne Eilers, Alfred Toepfer Academy for Nature Conservation
Dr. Ralf Grunewald, INA

Mark Sixsmith, B.-Sc., founder of Environmental English Ltd., Prague
Zuzana Sixsmith, teacher, Prague

Course Fee:
Accommodation, full board, field trips, and course materials €650 (double room/ to be shared); €750 (single room); half board (lunch), field trips and course materials € 400.

No discount available.

Target Group:
nature conservation professionals, protected area and natural resource managers, environmental interpreters and communicators

Course details

To ensure everything runs smoothly, please send back the registration form by the 23.03.2018. Thank you very much.

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If you have any questions please contact:

Bettina Stoffregen
Phone: +49 5199 98978
Fax: +49 5199 98995

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