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Pathways – Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife Conference

Goslar, Germany - Sept. 15-19, 2018
Conference Theme: Resurrecting the Wild!?

in cooperation with

IZW Berlin WWF Human Dimensions of Natural Resources EuroLargeCarnivores
Pathways is a conference and training program designed to address the myriad of issues that arise as people and wildlife struggle to coexist in a sustainable and healthy manner. The inclusion of social science research into conservation and wildlife management provides new perspectives to increase management effectiveness.

Join us for the Pathways 2018 conference hosted by the Alfred Toepfer Academy for Nature Conservation, Colorado State University, in partnership with others, for the first time in Europe!

The conference venue is the hotel “ Der Achtermann” in Goslar near Harz National Park in Northern Germany. While Harz National Park with its legendary mystical mountains, the former Iron Curtain running right through its center, and with a population of lynx is an attraction of its own, Goslar itself has to offer more than 1,000 years of history and the ensemble of the old town and the Rammelsberg Mine have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992. There is simply no better location for the interface of rugged wilderness and cultural history! The conference venue itself is actually built within parts of the former city wall and offers four-star amenities and a wonderful conference center.

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